Anyone following this blog closely will have noticed that ever since the Chios Hiking team was decimated (read more here in greek), there have been no more posts. There have been numerous occasions that never led into an actual post because I didn’t feel like writing about yet another hike, more path clearing or another guided tour. However, my most recent excursion was special so I dug up the blog login credentials and, after all this time, I sat down to write a few words about last Sunday’s outing on the neglected Epos mountain.

We were a large group. Fellow parents and a total of seven children, aged between 2 and 7 years old. There was mud, due to last night’s rain, and the cold was biting. We ran across three dogs, a cow, plenty of goats, a few sheep that ran away as soon as we drew near and the one and only Stavrini, the exuberant herdswoman who stole everyone’s hearts. For those of you who are not familiar with Stavrini, you can read about her in my friend’s I.Kostaris article, at



The children walked on the footpath carefully, in a single file, and there were no unpleasant surprises. They ran up and down the dirt road, played in the mud, picked a few yellow flowers (fortunately not too many), they climbed on the immense rock piles called “chouveles”, mounted the dry stone walls, gaped at the Genoese “fountana”, discovered “golden snails” and hand-fed Stavrini’s goats. They got mud all over their shoes and clothes but that’s alright. All the better.

Walking in the countryside is good for parents and children alike. Show them the way to live in nature and love the environment.