If everything had gone according to plan, you wouldn’t be reading these lines today. Our intention was to climb from Fyta to the spruce trees that lie at the foot of Pelinneo, and then make our descent from the same route. The weather thought otherwise.



We set off, 2 men, 2 women and Maya, a little dog. The climb towards the “saddle” was no trouble for the group. The problems started higher up, where there were patches of deep snow that were difficult to avoid. The truth is we had expected neither this much snow nor cold. The weather up there is unpredictable indeed.

As soon as we reached the “saddle”, we realised that the northwind was no laughing matter, the spruce trees were covered in fog and the rookie in our group was wearing shoes that were not fit for purpose, already soaked down to her socks. We had to make a snap decision. No one really wanted to turn back. It made no sense to try reaching the
spruce trees in this weather, especially in wet shoes. We chose to seek refuge at the Boulas’ hut, which was a
kilometre away.

I’ve been to this area many times, but this was the first time I would be using the shack as shelter from the weather. It was also the first time I found it in such a filthy state.

We tried every trick we knew until we finally managed to light a fire. A short while later, all our socks and shoes had been neatly arranged in front of the fireplace to dry. We feasted on dried nuts and figs and threw tangerine peels in the fire, in a futile attempt to battle the smoke that filled the place. We sat in there for about two hours and burnt three logs while resting and warming up.



When we left our little shelter, the weather had improved and our descent was effortless. The wild mushrooms we found in the forest were fried to perfection in the kafeneio at Diefcha. Sometimes beauty lies in the unexpected.