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Friends of Chios’ Trails
The idea of creating a legal entity dealing with the trails of Chios took several effortful years of discussions in order to mature.
Walking the dog
Most of our outings are about clearing trails, doing field work or escorting groups of hikers. However, sometimes we just need to get away.
A special spring visit
We guided 20 members of the Lesvos Hiking Club "ΟΡΕΙΑΣ" through the blooming landscapes of Amani
Yet another step
One more footpath cleared. Step by step, yet another old, historical, now forgotten trail, is being restored. Before automotion, it used to be [...]
A butterfly-shaped trail
In the context of the 3 day program organized by Θέρμαι Αγιασμάτων, we had the joy of escorting a group of 20 hikers on these routes