There are two paths connecting Aghiasmata to Egrigoros, forming a 8.5km-long circle. There are also two paths connecting Egrigoros to Kourounia, forming another circle, 4km long.

Parts of these routes are among the most beautiful on Chios: stone-paved paths, with a view towards the sea and the Pelinneio mountain, crossing dense vegetation and with a strong presence of water.

In the context of the three-day program organized by the local collective Θέρμαι Αγιασμάτων, we had the joy of escorting a group of 20 hikers on these routes, on 30/11. We started off from Aghiasmata and climbed up to Egrigoros, where the group was split. Half of it returned directly to Aghiasmata, tracing the first circle, while the rest headed towards Kourounia, completing both circles before returning to Aghiasmata.