Sometimes we take things for granted. When we hike in the spring, it seems perfectly normal that there is oregano, thyme, savory, sage and thousands of wild flowers all around us. We hardly notice them as we walk past them, despite their intense scent.

However, when we have visitors from afar, we begin to wonder how all of this looks through their eyes, especially when they deal professionally with flora. On the 1st of May, we escorted a group from Norway through one of the old trails of central Chios. The way they reacted to the herbs and flowers that seem so common to us was touching. The way they walked for hours, almost in complete silence, absorbing the images and scents, made us reevaluate what we take for granted.

In this group of visitors, there was an expert, a botanist that walked with a relevant book in hand, to identify the different species. We wondered what kind of impression he was left with after the hike and we asked him whether he was satisfied with what he had seen. His reply was instant and laconic: “More than satisfied…”