In unspoilt nature and unique landscapes…

The coastal routes are magnificent with breathtaking views. The aroma of mastic trees and wild herbs accompanies the walker all over…

Walks are quite short and effortless.

Ruins from the local farmers’ former activities such as threshing grounds, shelters, windmills surrounding the area, together with hidden coastal areas consist the natural landscape scenery and make it charming and fascinating.

At points that command a complete view over the coast the ambler will also have the chance to enjoy the Chios medieval watchtowers which played a very important role for Chios Island and the system of defence from the early 11th up to early 19th century AD.

Above all, the Aegen Sea breeze relaxes, refreshes, rejuvenates both the body and mind filling you with serenity.

Giouli Telli Kampa
Owner/managing director of Emporios Bay Hotel